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San Diego’s first iris photography studio!
We take high-resolution photos of eyes and turn them into true masterpieces of modern art.
Our acrylic prints are not just interior decor,
but also unique portraits.

The Process.

We edit your iris photo to optimize it for high quality printing, keeping all the colors and patterns original
We take a photo of your iris using our unique photo equipment
Express yourself, choose from many available options of prints

We turn your eyes into art.

Our special method captures the beauty of your eyes and transforms them into an amazing work of art.
No one among 7 billion people worldwide has the same iris.
Some irises resemble the ocean, others — a mysterious planet.

Our products.

We will take a picture of your iris, edit it, and email it to you.
Digital photo
Truly amazing addition to your home interior. Discuss with our specialist what design would you like to get. Family prints, collision prints or something even more creative? Just let us know.
Unique wall art
Transform an image of your eye into a unique piece of jewelry - a lovely gift for someone dear to you.
Thanks to the 1/4 inch thickness of acrylic facemount, our prints have a maximum three-dimensional and realistic appearance. This high-end product is worthy of display in the world's best galleries.

This product starts with an archival print on MOAB photo paper. To ensure the very finest details and tonality we output the prints on industry defined inkjet printers with ultra-high resolution of 2880×1440 dpi. Using optically clear adhesive we mount the prints to glass like acrylic giving your image a remarkable depth and brilliance that will make an impact on any audience. A 1/8″ acrylic protective backer is then applied followed by an inset 3/4” deep rear mounted frame. The frame allows the art to float weightlessly off the wall.

We guarantee that the image will remain as vivid as the day it was printed for at least 80 years.

A pleasant little thing.

The acrylic block, sized 4x4 inches, featuring an image of your eye, is our new and highly impactful product. It's beautiful, concise, and compact. You can display it on a shelf, and it feels delightful to hold in your hands. An excellent souvenir that will spark engaging conversations with your guests.

How to get your Iris photo.

We are open in Fashion Valley mall (7007 Friars road, San Diego, CA 92108) every day. No appointment required to take your eye photos, just stop by and discover the beauty of your eyes!

Please note that acrylic prints production can take 1-2 weeks. If you are visiting San Diego, no worries: we ship prints (additional payment for shipping required). Jewerly production can take up to one week as well. You can pick up your order from our Fashion Valley location (we will notify you when it’s ready)

Fun facts about iris.

Heterochromia is a condition where people or animals have two different coloured irises.
Iris colour comes from microscopic pigment cells called melanin. When there is abundance of pigment, the eye appears deep brown to black. With less pigment, the shade becomes green or blue.



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